Digital Ubiquity is a business communications firm that designs, implements and maintains online press centers for businesses and organizations. 

Our primary mission:  to ensure stories about our clients appear regularly in the news media.

Our offices are in Manhattan.

Our specific services include:

*Overall Online Press Center Design, Implementation and
*Press Releases
*Press Release Distribution
*Feature Stories About Your Firm or Organization in TV, Web,
    Radio and Print Media
*Case Studies
*Client Testimonials
*White Papers
*Ghost Blogs
*Online Community Management and Moderation
*Web Site Copy
*Royalty Free Stock Photos, Illustrations, Video, Audio &
   Flash Files for your Web site
*Similar Creative Content for TV, Web, Radio and Print Media
*Web Site Design, Implementation, Promotion and

For more insight on how we can put together an online press center for your firm or organization that will put you front-and-center on the radar of TV, Web, radio and print journalists, check out our services domain, which includes rates.

We also recommend "Killer Press Centers Demystified," a free e-guide we help sponsor, which details the latest proven methods of attracting the news media to your Web site, and winning news coverage.

Voice:  (646) 374-8507